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  • Our own wine restaurant, Meevasana: Wine and Art Gallery, is situated on Ekkamai Road. The restaurant provides varieties of fine wines from worldwide leading wineries, and with its decoration of masterpieces of Art makes it unique and outstanding from other wine bars. Customers can appreciate the sense of charming Classic atmosphere while sipping our good quality wines.

    Only in the first quarter, Meevasana: Wine and Art Gallery have had plentiful feedback from the customers. The restaurant sees its plans to keep moving forwards. The next year, we are branching out our store as targeted with the investment of more than 100 million baht.

    In the business sector as an importer, we plan to import the fine wines from all over the world. Our marketing strategy is to develop our own private label with specially selected wine from the leading winemakers and famous wine experts of Thailand.

    For the export, the company is now ready for expanding the market to Asian region, which is the leading region for world economic value at the moment. Wine knowledge education among new wine drinkers is the key to develop wine popularity and demand in the markets.

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