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  • At the beginning, Bangkokart Gallery Dot Com Co., Ltd was not set up as profit organization. By the passion of Art, we had known and met many artists. During that time, art is appreciated by only some group of people and artist was not quite famous enough to earn a living. As a result, the occupation as an artist gradually disappeared.

    The company's board recognized the problems of the artists. So, we helped promoting their works among the art admirers, that some turned to collect more pieces of the works of artists they liked. During that time, we had seen many magnificent art pieces and unique according to the style of each artist.

    From the promotion this way, we have seen many magnificent pieces of art, differentiable by the style of each artist. Then, we have an idea to gather the pieces of works for exhibition, in hoping that we could help promoting and allow the interested people to see more artistic merit of artworks.

    Moreover, we plan to promote Thai artists' works to international people by gathering the collection of artists' works from the first age until the present. Then, we will show those works through online gallery on the website. This is an improvement of how to present the art works, which is respond to the technological development, as the same time, the value of "Art" is existed.

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