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  • Chemical using is one of the factors that affects the changes of both the environment and human's health. In long-term period, chemical products using will create bad conditions and no more good conditions. From that point, we starts to run the friendly-environmentally biology business. We would like to promote the bio-technology products to the markets and persuade them to use more bio-technology products.

    In its market sector last year, we introduced our biological products to our organization customers, such as government agencies, shops, fresh-food markets, department stores, hotels, etc. We showed them the comparing test between bio-technology products and chemical products. With the great results, our customers accepted the products' efficiency, which was developed in order to replace the use of chemical products.

    Our company, Bangkokart Gallery Dot Com Co, Ltd has its procedures to promote this bio-technology product to international markets. At the moment, we are testing the products' efficiency among the countries in Asian market and its great results trend to be accepted more widely.

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