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  • Bangkokart Gallery Dot Com Co, Ltd first founded in February 1987 as a small organization focusing on Art dealing with non-profit. In 1990, the organization was stronger. We started to run the business in consumer goods with both wholesale and retail all over the country. In 1992, the firm further expanded in law business. We opened the law office, which matched our will to help solving social problems. In 1994, we invested in Real Estate business by focusing on the Allocation of the Land. In 1996, we added Credit Analysis in one of our business. Later in 1997, we included Advertising in our businesses.

    Total profit from all kinds of business, we had managed, was up to 1000 million BAHT. Then, the firm itself was grown further and needed to be developed to world-class organization system. On August 15, 2002, our firm was officially registered in corporate entity. Until now, we are continually expanding our business lines. We are accepted by countrywide customers. Yet, we follow our procedures to branch out our company to international markets in the near future.

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