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  • Bangkokart Gallery Dot Com Co., Ltd provides a wide range of businesses as follows;
    Advertising line : we provide full line of advertising products for every requests of our customers.
    Wine and Beverage line : we are an importer and sole agent in importing and exporting top-level wines all around the country, which is growing and opening to markets in Asia. Foods and beverages under the brand of Meevasana, are continually branching out to every part of the country.
    Energy line : we import energy-saving equipments from leading distributors of world-class manufacturers. They mostly have their own manufacturing based in Asian region.
    Green bio-technology line: presently, bio-technology could get more attention from the customers, who concern more about pollution and environment. This product is supported by the government, which makes the business growth expanded rapidly.
    Art line: this kind of job is the beginning of our organization, and it is very important to our firm. Our main procedure of art business is to introduce and exhibit visual art creations among local people and foreigners. When they are convinced, the art can be accepted and existed for people's appreciation both in Thailand and in international countries.
    Research and Development line: we focus on finding up-to-date methods, technologies and innovations in R&D, including studying the trends of demands and services needed among the consumers. This line is managed and run by professional R&D experts.

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