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Bangkokart gallery dot com Co.,Ltd. is appointed to be a partnership with the world-leading electric light manufacturer. We are as a distributor for selling all lighting products, the equipments and expanding the products all over the country and asia as well.
We are raising the marketing strategies by use our professional experience and also increase the channel of distribute for convenience of our consumer. To reach to consumer by using the online systems is the part of our strategy.
Bangkokart become to the distributor of the lighting leaderin.

Bangkokart has become the leading distributor in this field of business today and with confidence that in future will follow accordingly.
Choosing Luminaire
   Office & Store Work
   Industrial Work
   Sport & Area Luminaire
   Incandescent Lamps
   Fluorescent Lamps
   Compact Fluorescent
   Ballast for Halogen Lamp
   Ballast for Fluorescent Lamp
   Ballast for (H.I.D) Lamps
   Downlight Luminaire
   Recessed Mounted
   Architectural Floodlighting

The partnerships and well-known company in Thailand to coporate with Bangkokart gallery dot com Co.,Ltd.

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