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Company Profile
     Bangkokart gallery dot com Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, considering the serious problem of global warming, we set our sights on global issues concerned with "safety, energy saving and environment protection".

     Hence, Bangkokart is the appointed marketing distributor by The world-leading electric light manufacturer as the well known electric producer. We are responsible for distributing its lighting products and related equipments directly to individual customers, retailers, wholesalers all over the country and other Asian regions.

     Bangkokart Currently provides goods & services to CP ALL PCL for the best lighting product distribution to 7-Eleven and more than 6,000 of it branches all over the country known for its characteristics of being "Qualified, Efficient and Fast". We continue to build the good reputation among our clients.

     Bangkokart has become the leading distributor in this field of business today and with confidence that in future will follow accordingly.

Choosing Luminaire
   Office & Store Work
   Industrial Work
   Sport & Area Luminaire
   Incandescent Lamps
   Fluorescent Lamps
   Compact Fluorescent
   Ballast for Halogen Lamp
   Ballast for Fluorescent Lamp
   Ballast for (H.I.D) Lamps
   Downlight Luminaire
   Recessed Mounted
   Architectural Floodlighting

The partnerships and well-known company in Thailand to coporate with Bangkokart gallery dot com Co.,Ltd.

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